Best Gaming PC Under 20000 [Feb 2021] – With Benchmark

Making a gaming PC in 20000 is not an easy task as there are various options. But to choose the right components for a powerful PC is very difficult in the 20000 budget segment.

In this article, we listed the best components that give you the best performance according to their price. It will be value for money build. The PC can run almost all games in medium or low settings.

Don’t except 60FPS, but it will provide 20 – 40FPS, depends on games. Also, you can do video editing or other massive works efficiently on this PC.

Components we used for this Gaming PC Under 20000

ComponentsPriceCheck On Amazon
AMD Athlon 200GE4290Check Now
MSI A320M Pro-VD/S4770Check Now
Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR44500Check Now
Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB HDD3700Check Now
Enter E-500R 500-Watt PSU690Check Now
Ant Esports ICE-200TG Cabinet3077Check Now

AMD Athlon 200GE with Radeon Vega 3 Graphics

Base Clock3.2 GHz
Supported socketAM4
Cache size5 MB
Memory supportDDR4 SDRAM
GraphicsRadeon Vega 3 Graphics
AMD Athlon 200GE with Radeon Vega 3 Graphics - gaming pc under 20000

CPU is the most critical part of a PC. So here we choose the Athlon 200GE APU from AMD. This APU comes with the inbuild Radeon Vega 3 graphics.

The inbuilt graphics is compatible to run most of the modern games in low or medium settings. It comes with two cores and four threads, which is enough in this price segment. Also, it has 4 MB cache memory.

The base frequency of the APU is 3.2GHZ. This processor is not unlocked, so you can’t overclock it.

Athlon 200GE - Gaming PC Under 20000

MSI A320M Pro-VD/S AMD Socket AM4

MSI A320M Pro-VD/S AMD Socket AM4 - gaming pc under 20000

Well, we choose the Motherboard from MSI. This Motherboard is a value for money once. It supports 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd gen Athlon and ryzen processors, and it is a future-ready motherboard.

You can also use 3rd gen Ryzen processors on it. For this, you need to update the BIOS. It supports DDR4 memory of up to 3200Mhz frequency. It has two RAM slots that support 16GB DDR4 RAM in each slot.

Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4

Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 - gaming pc under 20000

We choose 8GB DDR4 3000Mhz RAM from Corsair for this build. As, there are only two RAM slots on Motherboard, so we select the single channel instead of dual channel.

The benefit of using a single channel is that we can soon upgrade the RAM whenever we need more performance. Also, here you get ten years of warranty from the manufacturer on this RAM.

Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB Internal Hard Drive

Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB Internal Hard Drive - gaming pc under 20000

We choose 1 TB WD blue hard disk for our build. An SSD with an HDD will boost the performance, but as it is much more budget-oriented so, we don’t add an SSD on our list.

If you think about playing some modern games, try to add an SSD with this build. It will surely boost your PC’s performance.

120GB SSD will be enough for windows and applications, and 1TB HDD provides you the mass storage to ensure that you don’t run out of space for your apps and games.

Enter E-500R 500-Watt PSU

Enter E-500R 500-Watt PSU - gaming pc under 20000

Since the budget for this build is very tight, so we choose a basic but good 500watt PSU from Enter. As there, we don’t add a dedicated GPU. It will serve the purpose efficiently.

If you want to upgrade it near future, then not worry. This PSU is enough to handle middle-range graphics cards. It has two years warranty from the manufacturer, that is another good aspect of this PSU.

Ant Esports ICE-200TG Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet

Ant Esports ICE-200TG Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet - gaming pc under 20000

For a gaming PC, it requires choosing a good cabinet. As the cooling of the components is necessary for performance. For this, we select Esports Ant ICE 200TG, which comes with an RGB front panel with an LED control button in front.

The Black glossy finish provides a stunning and sexy look. Also, it supports liquid cooling technology, and there is an option for three fans. This fan provides enough air to cool the components.

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Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse

Well, we discussed the best budget gaming pc build under 20000 earlier. Since many of my friends asked me to suggest the best and value for money monitor and Keyboard for this build, so today i add my recommendations for monitor, Keyboard, and mouse.

Samsung S19F350HNW 18.5-inch AH IPS LED Monitor

Samsung S19F350HNW 18.5-inch AH IPS LED Monitor - gaming pc under 20000

It can be an ideal monitor for this build. It is the best monitor in this price segment, and You can enjoy 1080P games on it efficiently on an 18.5 inch HD ready monitor. Its Eye saver and game modes are also perfect features of this monitor.

It instantly optimizes the screen colours and contrasts to provides you the best performance while gaming. Also, the eye saver mode reduces the blue light emission and eye fatigue to provides a comfortable viewing experience for your eyes.

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Zebronics Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Zebronics Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo - gaming pc under 20000

As far as this PC’s budget we choose the cheapest but good Keyboard and mouse combo for you, If you need this PC for office work or soft gaming, then you can go for it without any hesitation, it will fulfil your requirements.

If you build this PC for heavy gaming, then you can choose other keyboard mouse combos. Below are some recommendations for massive gamers.

AMD Athlon 200GE Gaming Benchmarks

Final Verdict – Gaming PC Under 20000

It is our recommendations for a gaming pc build under 20000. that is the cheapest PC for gaming, and there is always an option for future upgradation. If you think of upgrading this PC for gaming in the future, then i will suggest you first go with a dedicated GPU. It will give an extra boost to this PC’s performance. We recommended you to go with GTX 1660 Super, That is one of the best GPU for mid-range gamers.

So, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t forget to ask in comments. Cheers!

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