Best UPS For PC In India

Power cuts are frequent in developing countries like India. As the population of India is vast, so the needs of electricity is enormous, so there we face constant power cuts in India.

As all we know, this frequent power cuts and voltage fluctuation are bad for electronics, and there are also chances to burn the components.

For computers, it is must use a UPS. Power cuts can harm the computer in many ways like, it can corrupt hard drive. It can corrupt your operating system, and even it can damage your whole motherboard.

Below we listed the top 10 best UPS for PC in India. From below, you can choose the best UPS as far as your requirements.

UPSAvg Backup TimePrice (INR)Buy Now
iBall Nirantar 621i20 – 25 Mins2200Buy Now
APC Back-UPS BE700Y-IND 700VA1.30 – 2 Hours5600Buy Now
APC BX600C-IN BACKUPS 600VA30 Mins3300Buy Now
VGUARD UPS SESTO 600 600VA20 – 30 Mins2650Buy Now
Microtek 1000VA UPS For PC40 – 50 Mins4800Buy Now
Champion 800VA UPS15 – 20 Mins2600Buy Now
Artis PS-600VA 600VA40 Mins2000Buy Now
Artis PS-1000Eco 1000VA50 – 60 Mins5000Buy Now
Luminous UNO 600 UPS20 Mins2400Buy Now
Emerson Liebert iTON CX 600 VA20 Mins2300Buy Now

1. iBall Nirantar 621i

iBall Nirantar 621i - UPS For PC

iBall Nirantar 621i is one of the most used and best UPS in India. This UPS is an excellent product in just 2400INR. According to price, iBall gives many features that are missing in other UPS on this price.

The backup time of its is also useful; with regular tasks, the backup time is up to 30 mins. In the case of gaming, it will decreases at 20 – 25 Mins. One of the best aspects of this UPS is that it comes with two years warranty.

The transfer time of the ups is only 8ms, so forget about losing your data. It will start to gives power to the pc nearly at the same time as the power cuts.

It also has three connectivity ports, and you can connect three different devices with it. The UPS’s output voltage is 230 volt, so it is enough to handle multiple loads, even it can connect two different PC simultaneously.

Iball nirantar 621i UPS for PC

Notable Features

  • 33% faster-recharging capability.
  • Battery backup up to 30 Mins.
  • LED indicators and alarm functionality that make us aware of any notifications
  • It supports micro loads systems like CCTV, Router, etc.
  • provides discharged, overload and overcharged protection
  • Up to 25 Mins backup
  • 33 Percent Fast charging
  • Generator compatible
  • LED and Audible Alarm
  • Support micro-load systems like a router, CCTV, etc.
  • overload protection
  • Not recommended for more than one PC

2. APC Back-UPS BE700Y-IND 700VA UPS


It is one of the most potent UPS in the market. The cost of the UPS is also high. This UPS is mainly designed for heavy uses or office purposes, where more backup time is required.

The backup time of this UPS is excellent. With typical usages, it can last up to 2 hours. With a heavy load, the backup time will decrease at 1 – 1.30 hours. The backup time ultimately depends on the load connected with it. It also comes with 2 Years of warranty.

The charging time is okay. It takes 6 – 8 hours to fully charged. The LED light and Beep alarm help you to monitor the status of the UPS.

The main feature that makes it different from other UPS is that it has a USB port. By which you can connect it with your computer, and customize the settings, check the status, run time, capacity, control the alarm and led lights, and many more parameters. Only you need to download the PowerChute Personal Edition application from APC official website.

Notable Features

  • Excellent backup time up to 2 hours.
  • Fastest charging capabilities
  • Can customize the settings and monitor the status on the computer via USB
  • Safely-shutdown your PC when the battery runs out
  • Protection from surges and voltage drops
  • Simple LED Status lights with beep alarms
  • Excellent run time up to 1.30 hours.
  • Customize UPS settings and monitor the status on the computer via USB
  • Protection from surges and voltage drops
  • User resettable thermal cutoff gives you overload protection.
  • 7.8 KG weight is a bit heavy



It is the cheapest model of UPS from APC. The price of this model is around 3k INR. Though it is cheap, it has many notable features that make it one of the best UPS in the market.

The company claims the backup time is 30 min. But it is not the case. We tested this UPS is many conditions, when gaming or heavy tasking on it, the backup time decreases at 15 – 20 Min. With typical usages, for one PC, the backup can last up to 30 mins.

One great feature of this UPS is that it comes with an automatic battery self-test that automatically checks the battery conditions and notifies you when the battery needs to replace.

The smart battery management provides a warning if any fault occurs on battery, and it also helps to maximize battery life, reliability, and performance through intelligent, precision charging.

Notable Features

  • Provides enough backup time up to 30 Mins.
  • AVR technology ensures the protection of Voltage Fluctuation.
  • The LED status display helps to understand the status of the UPS.
  • Smart Battery Management feature ensures the best performance of the battery.
  • Three power socket makes it easy to connect other devices along with your CPU.
  • Compatible with micro loads systems like Wi-Fi Router, CCTV, etc.
  • backup time up to 30 Mins
  • Smart Battery Management feature ensures the best performance of the battery.
  • Fully compatible with micro-loads.
  • only 4 hours recharging time
  • Two years of brand warranty
  • Bit expensive compared to other products with the same specification.


VGUARD UPS SESTO 600 - 600VA - best UPS For PC

Vguard is a famous company for making inverters, batteries, and other backup systems. This UPS can be best for your home or office, as it can handle every electrical fluctuation and short circuits efficiently.

Now talk about the backup time. It takes 7 – 9 hours to fully charged. After fully charged, It can last up to 20 – 30 Mins with typical usages on a single PC. This runtime is enough to save all the edited files and turn off the computer safely.

It comes with an inbuilt battery that charges even in the switch-off condition. You need to on the switch from the switchboard, does not need to on the UPS, it will start charging even in off mode.

The VGUARD UPS SESTO 600 has almost all features which are needed to be a good UPS. The LED light and beep alarms make it easier to understand the status of the UPS.

VGUARD UPS can work in any climate in India. The suggested temperature ranges to 0 to 50-degree centigrade and 0 to 90% of humidity.

Notable Features

  • Guaranteed protection from any type of fluctuation and short circuit.
  • Backup time up to 20 Mins
  • Can power CPU, Monitor, and Printer simultaneously.
  • works perfectly in any temperature and humidity of India.
  • Protect against all types of voltage fluctuation and surges.
  • 24 Months warranty from VGUARD
  • Enough backup time to safely shutdown PC
  • LED light and Beep alarm indicators
  • Not recommended for laser printers
  • Does not supports micro loads

5. Microtek 1000VA UPS for PC

Microtek 1000VA UPS - best UPS For PC in India

Microtek 1000VA UPS is another good UPS for home and office use from Microtek. This UPS is best for office or computer labs, where its need to connect 2 or 3 PC with a UPS.

The backup time is around 40 – 50 Mins with normal usage, which is more than enough to save the data and shut down the computer securely.

The capable input voltage of this is in the range of 140 to 300 volts. with the increase or decreases voltage. It always provides 240 volts output to your computer.

It also has three different LED lights, which indicate the different status of UPS. The green light means that all operations are normal, red light indicates that the battery is about to die, and the yellow light indicates that the battery is overloaded.

Notable Features

  • Backup up to 40 – 50 Mins for a single PC with normal usages
  • Insures to provide 240-volt optimal output continually.
  • The average recharge time is 2 – 8 hours depends on the environment and battery condition.
  • Noise filter ensures that it would not break your focus on work.
  • Boost functionality for low input situations
  • Runtime up to 50 mins
  • builtin noise filter
  • Overvoltage protection
  • non-replaceable batteries

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6. Champion 800VA UPS

Champion 800VA UPS - ups for pc

The next product is from the champion. Yet its a not well-known company like others in this list. The reviews of its on amazon prove that this is the best choice among many users.

The company claims 15 – 20 Mins of backup after a power cut, this is right, even it can last up to 25 Mins with regular tasks, that is enough to save your work and shut down the computer properly.

The three LED lights and beep alarm always notifies you about the status of the UPS. After a power cut, the beep alarm frequency is 7 – 8 sec, That is okay. And when the battery is about running out, then the rate of alarm is reduced to every 2 seconds.

It also comes with 2 Years warranty in the circuit and one year in the battery. To avail of the warranty benefits, you need to contact their customer support or going to their service center.

Notable Features

  • 2 Year warranty on the circuit and one year in the battery.
  • 800VA capacity
  • AVR functionality saves your computer from any type of electrical surges and drops.
  • Quick recharge time.
  • Protection from unsafe voltage levels, short circuit and voltage surges
  • Three dedicated LED lights help know about the status of the UPS
  • Short recharging time
  • Can handle two pc simultaneously
  • After-sales services are not so good.

7. Artis PS-600VA 600VA Line Interactive UPS

Artis PS-600VA 600VA Line Interactive UPS for pc

Artis PS-600VA ups is a Line Interactive UPS that protects your PC from any type of voltage surges and drops. By providing optimal 240 volts output, it ensures the protection of your computer and other devices.

The Micro load detection feature ensures no automatic cut off, even only a micro load is connected like Wi-Fi, CCTV, etc. It has a blazing fast transfer time of only 2 – 4 milliseconds, so forget about restarting your computer. It will start to give the power from its backup almost simultaneously as the power cut.

The significant aspect of this UPS is that you will get a 2-year warranty on the circuit. And also on the battery, which is missing on the same range UPS on our list.

It can handle your PC, Monitor, and even printer at the same time. The backup time of this is up to 40 Mins. Though it depends entirely on the load connected to it, the figure can increase or even decrease for the various loads.

Notable Features

  • Can power one CPU, Monitor, and printer/ router simultaneously.
  • Line Interactive type UPS
  • Perfect transfer time of only 2 – 4 Mins
  • 2 Year warranty on battery and circuit
  • Perfect backup time up to 40 Mins
  • Runtime up to 25 Mins
  • The price is only 2000, that is cheapest compared to other product with the same specification.
  • Cold start function
  • 6 hours recharging time
  • Does not support micro loads. So if you are looking for UPS for your router or modem, then choose another UPS from our list.

8. Artis PS-1000Eco 1000VA

Artis PS-1000Eco 1000VA ups for computer

So, this is another UPS from Artis on our list. Compared to other Artis UPS, which we described earlier has only 600VA capacity, and this UPS has the capacity of 1000VA. Therefore, it can handle many PC simultaneously, and the backup lasts long.

With the average backup time of 60 Mins, we can say that this is one of the best UPS for gamers and video editors. You can continue your work at least 50 – 60 Mins after a power cut.

AVR and Cold start functionality ensure that high voltages and voltage fluctuations can’t harm your computer anymore. It also comes with a fast-charging feature, and it takes only 3 – 4 hours to fully charged.

Notable Features

  • Can handle one CPU, Monitor, and Printer up to 50 Mins
  • Relatively cheap compared to other products with the same configuration
  • Best for gamers and office workers.
  • 2 Years of brand warranty on battery and circuit.
  • Best for gamers as it has excellent runtime up to 50 Mins
  • Has the ability to handle multiple PCs simultaneously.
  • fast charging capabilities
  • Led indicators and beep alarms
  • Not suitable for devices with micro loads.

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9. Luminous UNO 600 UPS for PC

Luminous UNO 600 UPS for pc

Luminous is a well-known company for manufacturing inverter, batteries, and other electricity backup products. The Luminous UNO 600 UPS takes care of the computer from any voltage fluctuation by provides constant 220V ac output to your computer and other devices.

The backup time of this UPS is decent, and it lasts up to 20 Mins with typical usages. The limitations of this UPS, it does not support micro loads, means you can’t connect the only router, CCTV, and other this type of devices, you need to connect it with any more significant load like CPU or TV.

Apart from all, it comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty that will active from the date of purchasing. It has the same LED lights and beep alarms as the previous one, which is also a notable feature.

Notable Features

  • Decent backup time up to 20 Mins
  • 6 – 8 hours recharging time
  • Does not supports micro loads
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty on the circuit and one year in battery
  • Up to 20 mins run time.
  • Built-in AVR protects your PC from any types of voltage surges or short circuit.
  • 600VA capacity
  • The weight of it is 8 KG, that is nit heavy compared to other UPS on our list.
  • Recharge time is also higher. It takes 8 – 10 hours to fully charged.

10. Emerson Liebert iTON CX 600 VA

Emerson Liebert iTON CX 600 VA ups for pc

So, The last product on our list from Emerson. Emerson is an American multinational company that is in the electronics sector from 1890. The Emerson Liebert UPS is a Line Interactive UPS best for daily usages.

This UPS capacity is 600VA, which means you can secure your CPU, monitor, and router with it. The Backup time is up to 20 Mins, which is good enough for homes. In the meantime, you can efficiently save your unsaved data and turn off the computer.

Other features are almost the same as other basic UPS we listed on our list. The fully recharge time for the battery is 5 – 6 hours. There is nothing mentioned about the warranty on its official site.

Notable Features

  • 6 Hours recharge time.
  • 0.6 KW output power
  • 20 mins backup time for one pc.
  • Simple but has enough power to protect your PC from any voltage issues or powercut.
  • Line Interactive Type UPS
  • Up to 20 Mins run time
  • Good UPS for regular use, not for gamers or office workers.

How does UPS system work?

UPS stands for an uninterruptible power supply. It provides electrical backup power at the time of power cuts. It comes with a battery, the rectifier circuit on UPS converts the AC to DC and saves it to the battery. After that, when powercuts, then UPS convert the DC to AC and supply this to on loads.

Also, UPS works as a stabilizer, and it always outputs a constant 240 Volts current. Its mainly used to save the computer and other devices from a sudden power cut. After powercuts, it provides power from its backup so that the PC remains on, and the user gets the time to save his works and shut down the equipment properly.

The backup time depends on the battery’s capacity and depends on the load connected to it. For a 600VA UPS, the average backup time for one PC is about 15 – 30 MIns whereas a for a 1000VA UPS, the average backup time can be up to 60 MIns.

Buying Guide

There are many types of UPS in the market in many ranges with different capacities, But which one should you buy? Which will be best for you?

Well, this is entirely on you; this depends on your uses. If you just need it for regular use, just need to shut down your PC safely, and then you can go with any of them with our list.

But if you are a gamer or heavy user, you need enough backup to complete your work or game, and then I recommended you to go with APC Back-UPS BE700Y-IND 700VA UPS or Artis PS-1000Eco 1000VA, this UPS provides you at least 1 hour of backup.

FAQ – Best UPS For PC

Do I need UPS for PC?

If you need to work on your PC even in a power cut or want to save your PCs circuits from a sudden power cut, or after powercut you need a while to shut down your PC safely, then you must need a UPS.

Can UPS be used for laptops?

Yes, you can use UPS for your laptops, as it will save your laptop or computer, not only a sudden power cut. Also, it protects the computer from any type of voltage surges or short circuits.

Can UPS work without a battery?

Yes, it will work, but you will lose the Uninterrupted Power supply option. Only the circuit of the UPS will helps you to keep the output voltage at a limit and also save your computer from electrical drops and surges.

Is UPS necessary for gaming PC?

If you would not want a disturbance when playing a game or additional wants to protect your valuable PC from short circuit or power surges, then, obviously you need a UPS for your gaming PC.

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