Best Non-Chinese Mobile Brands In India

Are you looking for a new phone? And also confuse about Chinese and non-Chinese phones? Well, the truth is that 70% of mobile brands in India are China-originated.

Also, you will surprise to know that China is the largest supplier of smartphone parts. In simple words, at present, We can’t make a phone in India, with local supplies, we need imports few components like Camera modules, batteries, some types of displays from China. Microchips and processors from Taiwan or the USA.

It’s clear that the non-Chinese mobiles also contain some parts which are sourced from China. So, don’t think you will get 100% Non – Chinese smartphones, as it’s not possible at present.

But buy a non-Chinese mobile phone still a good decision, as Indian companies such as Micromax and Lava are trying to use as much as parts available In India. So it gives a boost to the local suppliers.

You can check our article about Indian Mobile Brands, to know more about Indian mobile companies. Let’s check the list of best non-Chinese mobile brands.

Best Non-Chinese Mobile Brands In India

Apple (United States of America)

apple iphone - non chinese smartphone brand in India

Apple is an American multinational company founded in 1976 in California, United States. Apple phones are known for a combination of powerful hardware and optimized software.

iPhone is the famous smartphone series from Apple. These smartphones do not come with Android, and They run on their own OS called iOS.

Apple devices are also a sign of wealth. Not only mobile phones but apple also manufacturer Laptops, Tablets, Earbuds, etc.

Google (United Stated Of America)

google pixel - best non chinese phone brand in India

Google is an American multinational company founded in 1998 in California, United States.

Google is also a dominant player in the Indian smartphone market. The series of smartphones are made by Google, known as Google Pixel phones. 

Previously google made phones under the Nexus series. In the year 2018, Google officially discontinued the production of phones under the Nexus series.

Google phones come with stock Android OS. Also, you will get up to three years of security updates and other updates from Google. 

Samsung (South Korea)

Samsung best non chinese mobile brands in India

Samsung is the largest smartphone brand in India and the world. Samsung acquires almost 24% share of the Indian smartphone market.

It is a South Korean company founded in 1938 in Seoul, South Korea. Not only smartphones, but Samsung also manufactures many smartphone components such as display, Processor, chips, etc., for other smartphone brands.

Samsung has the world’s biggest mobile manufacturing factory in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Asus (Taiwan)

Asus rog - best gaming mobile brand in India

Asus is a Taiwanese brand founded in 1989 in Taipei, Taiwan. Asus is famous among gamers for its ROG gaming phones. 

Asus also manufactures laptops, gaming laptops, gaming accessories, etc. 

If you are a gamer, I will suggest you try an Asus ROG phone. You will not regret your decision.

Micromax (India)

Micromax in - best non chinese mobile brand in India

I think there are very few people in India who never heard this name. Once Micromax was the King of the Indian smartphone industry. Micromax was founded in 2000 in Delhi, India.

But after the Chinese company enters India. Micromax loses the race and disappears from the Indian smartphone Industry. 

But things changed at the end of 2020; Micromax returns to the Indian smartphone industry with their IN series smartphones and promises to bring some flagship phones.

Lava (India)

lava - best non chinese mobile brands

lAVA is another Indian multinational consumer electronics brand founded in 2009 in Noida. Recently Lava launched their Z series phones and claims that these phones are purely designed and made in India.

Lava also manufactures feature phones, Smart band, laptops, and other accessories.

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Ikall (India)

ikall - best non chinese mobile brands in India

Ikall was founded in 2015 in Noida, India. It’s a relatively new company. Ikall primarily produces smartphones, feature phones, tablets, and smartwatches.

LG (South Korea)

LG non chinese mobile company

Lg is another Multinational electronics company from South Korea. It was founded in 1958.

LG has recently announced that they will close their smartphone business after a loss of $4.5 billion in six years.

Nokia (Finland)

Nokia - non chinese smartphone company in India

Nokia is the mobile phone manufacturer in the world. It was founded in Finland in 1865. 

Nokia manufactures smartphones, feature phones, 5G networks, and other accessories.

Panasonic (Japan)

Panasonic Eluga - best non chinese mobile phone brand from japan

Panasonic is a major Japanese multinational electronics brand. It was founded in 1918 in Osaka, Japan.

Not only smartphones, but Panasonic also manufactures Air conditioners, batteries, beauty products, Smart TV, Speakers, and many more electronics accessories.

Sony (Japan)

Sony - non chinese mobile brands in India

Sony is a Japanese multinational company established in 1946 in Tokyo, Japan. Sony is known for there quality products.

For a long time, we did not see any new phone in the Indian market from Sony.

Apart from smartphones, Sony also produces Smartphone cameras, DSLR cameras, Play stations, etc.

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HTC (Taiwan)

HTC - non chinese mobile brands from taiwan

HTC is a Taiwanese company founded in 1997 in Taiwan. Though in India, HTC is not a famous brand, but in Europe and America, HTC is one of the best smartphone brands.

In 2018, Google acquired a large share of the HTC hardware department for $1.1 billion.

Blackberry (Canada – USA)

Blackberry - non chinese mobile brands

Blackberry is a Canadian multinational company specializing in enterprise software and the Internet of things. 

In the year 2016, a Chinese company buys the licenses of Blackberry phones for four years.

Their agreement ended in 2020; after that, OnwardMobility, an American company, purchase the rights of Blackberry. On a press release, OnwardMobility announces that they will release a 5G phone in the 1st half of 2021 on American and European markets.

Last words

Above are the best Non-Chinese mobile brands in India. We only listed the brands, which are known to provide the best and reliable products.

I hope this article helps you to solve your queries. Please share this article with your friends to know about these Non-Chinese mobile brands and so that they can avoid them on their next purchase.

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