12 Best Earphones Under 300 [Feb 2021] – Wired And Wireless

Nowadays, earphones are an essential component for a smartphone user. Without a headset, you can’t enjoy games or even can’t enjoy the music deeply. And, it is needed for a crowded place or doing another work, it is difficult to hold the phone and talk on it.

Along with, most of the smartphone companies don’t provide earphones on the box. So, If you are searching for a simple and basic headset at a low price, then you are in the right place brother! Here we listed a total of 10 best earphones under 300 rs. Most of the earphones come with a 6 Months or 1 Year warranty.

Top 12 best earphones under rs.300

Philips SHE1505BK/946 Months10 mm269 INR
pTron HBE6 Headphone6 Months10 mm199 INR
Tantra Bass Buddy T-500i1 Month10 mm299 INR
WeCool Mr.Bass Snug Fit6 Months6 mm299 INR
UBON GPR-411 ChampNone9 mm199 INR
Boult Audio BassBuds Storm-X1 Year10 mm300 INR
UBON UB-720None10 mm251 INR
Zebronics ZEB-BRO6 Months10 mm170 INR
MVYNO Wi801 Year10 mm299 INR
CZARTECH CW2306 Months10 mm299 INR
N2B MAGNET-01 Bluetooth1 Year9 mm300 INR
JXL I7 Bluetooth Headset1 Year9 mm300 INR

1. Philips SHE1505BK/94 Upbeat Earphones with Mic

Colour VariantsBlack
Warranty6 Months
Price269 INR
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Philips SHE1505BK/94 - best earphones under 300

Philips is the famous names for manufacturing electronics products such as trimmer, Led TVs, Led light, and other electronic components. They are new in the manufacturing of headphones.

But still, this is a definitely best headphone under 300. If you are searching for a headphone with impressive sound quality, good bass and treble, then you can go for this.

Along with, Philips gives three interchangeable rubber caps with it. So you can choose the best fit for your ears.

  • Combination of grey and black colour gives a premium look
  • Plastic body, lightweight, and plastic quality is not cheap
  • Speakers are loud enough and output crystal clear audio
  • Could be the best choice for PUBG and bass lovers on under 300
  • The cable quality is superior
  • Extra 3 rubber caps for a stable fit on ears and deep audio experience
  • Good quality microphone inbuilt
  • 6 Months warranty from Philips can call on 18004256396 to claim the warranty
  • Overall an excellent earphone under 300 rs.
  • Excellent audio output
  • Sturdy and soft earbuds
  • Nothing

2. pTron HBE6 Headphone

Colour VariantsRed
Drivers10 mm
Warranty6 Months
Price199 INR
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 pTron HBE6 Headphone - best earphones under 300

pTron is another Indian mobile accessories manufacturer brand. They mainly focused on audio devices like Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones, wired earphones etc.

pTron HBE6 comes with Ergonomic design. The looks of these headphones are really like an expensive one. The metallic finish makes it more attractive.

  • Barrel-shaped earbuds provide prefect fit on-ear
  • Sound quality is really beyond the expectation on this price range
  • The rubber caps are soft and provide a pleasant feeling on ears
  • Decent bass and treble.
  • The excellent Mic provides crystal clear sound to the other end person on a phone call.
  • The wire is sturdy and premium quality.
  • Noise cancellation feature helps to cancel the noises in a crowded area so that you can focus on your music or work.
  • 6 Months warranty from pTron
  • Eye-catchy premium look
  • 10 mm dynamic drivers
  • Can be a right choice for gamers.
  • The cable is short compared to the previous one.

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3. Tantra Bass Buddy T-500i

Colour VariantsBlack
Drivers10 mm
Warranty1 Month
Price299 INR
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Tantra Bass Buddy T-500i - best earphones under 300

Another, perfect earphone on our list is from Tantra. The overall quality of these earphones is outstanding.

It comes with a grey eye-catchy look, with a sturdy and tangles free cable. The earbud cases are made of metal, but it does not feel annoying for this, as it is incredibly lightweight.

  • Super and deep audio output with thunderous bass
  • L shape connector for better grip
  • one button for control everything. One press for play/ pause, two press for next, Three press for previous, Hold down 5 secs for google assistant.
  • Shockingly supports 4D sound output.
  • Mic quality is super, it delivers crystal clear sound to the other end people, during a call.
  • Two pair of rubber earbuds are free with it.
  • Clean sound and rich bass
  • Super noise cancellation
  • 4D sound output
  • Nothing

4. WeCool Mr.Bass Snug Fit Metallic in-Ear Earphones

Colour VariantsBlack/ Red
Drivers6 mm
Warranty6 Months
Price299 INR
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WeCool Mr.Bass Snug Fit Metallic in-Ear Earphones - best earphones under 300

Though WeCool is a new brand in the audio devices market, still they provide perfect products at a low price. The reviews of this earphones on amazon proves that.

The earphones come with the 45-degree ergonomic in-ear earplug design, that ensures the perfect fit and pleasant feeling on ears. The sound quality and the mic quality is fantastic for this price. You will be satisfied after using it.

  • Impressive sound quality, balanced stereo sound, decent bass and treble.
  • Inline Mic helps to talk with someone on a phone call, or record voice.
  • Inline button for answer calls.
  • There is a free carry case, which helps to carry it safe when travelling.
  • Earbuds are soft, and lightweight feels comfortable even using for a long time.
  • Supports on nearly all types of devices, such as smartphones, laptops, audio devices, etc.
  • Overall value for money earphones under 300
  • A free case for store the headphone safely.
  • Silicon earbuds provide comfort on the ear canal.
  • Needs improvement in build quality

5. UBON GPR-411 Champ

Colour VariantsBlack/ White
Drivers9 mm
Price199 INR
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UBON GPR-411 Champ - best earphones under 300

UBON is an Indian brand, known for its premium quality audio devices. This headphone could be the one of the best option for music lovers and also gamers.

You will be shocked after listening to the sound and bass quality of it. I am personally using it for nearly two months. Still know it’s in excellent condition, I also use it for calls and even for PUBG.

I use it for almost 3 – 5 hours a day, and never feels annoying; the soft rubber caps always provides comfort on-ear.

  • Available in both black and white colour
  • Durable cable, sturdy plastic body, the slip-resistant feature gives long life to this earphone.
  • Inline Multifunction button helps to play/ Pause Music, Answers, Reject or End a Phone Call.
  • Decent quality mic for calls and audio recording.
  • Boasting clean bass and optimized treble
  • Clearer sound output, class bass, and optimize treble
  • 1.2 mt longest sturdy cable
  • Unique design
  • only ten days warranty provided

6. Boult Audio BassBuds Storm-X

Colour VariantsBlack/ Red
Drivers10 mm
Warranty1 Year
Price300 INR
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Boult Audio BassBuds Storm-X - best earphones under 300

Boult audio Bassbuds Strom-x is another excellent bass-oriented earphones at the range of 300. The price of the headset is 350. So if you can pay an extra 50 rs, then you can choose it.

The headphone is specially designed for music lovers, who love rich bass. The headphone is exceptionally lightweight, and clarity of the audio output is excellent.

  • Built quality is fantastic, Red and Black both colour variant available.
  • Neodymium magnet drivers produce punchy, and bass-boosted sound.
  • Ideal for games like PUBG, COD etc.
  • Silicon earbuds for more comfort on airs
  • 1 Year warranty from the date of purchasing
  • There is a multifunction button for Play/ Pause music and Receive/ End call.
  • All the parts such as earbuds, cable, 3.5mm jack, are felt sturdy.
  • 10mm neodymium-magnet drivers
  • Dashing looks
  • Strong noise cancellation system
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • The Mic is not well placed. It would be best if you held it on hands, during calls.

7. UBON UB-720 Wired Earphone/Handsfree

Colour VariantsBlack
Drivers10 mm
Price251 INR
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UBON UB-720 Wired Earphone - best earphones under 300

These are another product of our list from the house of UBON. In a budget segment, UBON is really can be the best choice. Previously I used many products, the products are cheap, but they never compromised with the quality.

UBON UB-720 comes with a unique, eye-catchy look. It’s available only in black colour. As there is a robust 10mm driver on this earpads, so you can’t complain about its bass.

  • Unique design with 1.2 mm tangle free cable
  • Earphones are loud enough, and the quality of the Mic is decent, not up to the mark.
  • Reliable 10mm drivers for better sound clarity and bass
  • Inline volume control button
  • Cheapest and sturdy
  • 45 degree angled silicone earbuds for better grip and comfort on-ear canal.
  • No warranty mentioned
  • Needs improvement in noise cancellation

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8. Zebronics ZEB-BRO Wired Headset

Colour VariantsGrey
Drivers10 mm
Warranty6 Months
Price170 INR
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Zebronics ZEB-BRO Wired Headset - best headphones under 300

Zebronics is an Indian company. They mainly focused on audio devices, and they also have a huge fan base for audio devices, such as earphones, headphones, home theatre, etc.

Zebronics ZEB-BRO is an excellent earphone under 300; actually, we can say this is a superb earphone under 200, as the price of this only 199 rs. The performance and quality of this earphones are unbeatable at this price range.

  • Unbeatable specification at only 200rs
  • Sturdy and tangle less cable
  • Rubber caps are soft, no pain on ears during long term use.
  • 10mm driver units for remarkable sound output
  • Can be used for PUBG or other games, if you are in low budget.
  • 6 Months warranty from Zebronics
  • Great fit inside the ear
  • 16ohms impedance and sensitivity of 105dB
  • Well placed inline microphone
  • No multifunction button

9. MVYNO Wi80 Wired Extra Bass Stereo Earphone with Mic

Colour VariantsBlack, Dark Green, Red, Pink, Blue, and White
Drivers10 mm
Warranty1 Year
Price299 INR
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MVYNO Wi80 Wired Extra Bass Stereo Earphone with Mic - best headphones under 300

MVYNO is known for there unique design and build quality. You will get a premium design on MVYNO Wi80 earphones. It is available in a total of six colour variants, and you can choose from as your choice.

The earphones come with a capsule case. So you can travel with it, without any fear of damage. Also, one of the most crucial aspects of this that this earphone is waterproof, so there is also no risk of damaging the parts from sweat and water.

  • Six colour variants, Black, Dark Green, Red, Pink, Blue, and White
  • compatible with all Android, iPhones and also laptops.
  • Massive 10mm sound drivers for deep sound output
  • Waterproof and sweatproof
  • 32 Ohms impedance for a louder sound
  • Decent Mic
  • Balanced sound output
  • Inline remote control
  • One year warranty
  • Mic quality could be better.

10. CZARTECH CW230 Acoustics in-Ear Wired Earphones with Mic

Colour VariantsBlack/ White
Drivers10 mm
Warranty6 Months
Price299 INR
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CZARTECH CW230 Acoustics in-Ear Wired Earphones - best headphones under 300

Another good and value for money product on our list are from Czartech. The quality, features and the positive reviews of this earphones are the reason to add this on our list.

The output sound of this is nicely optimized for song lovers. The bass is not sharp, but enough for fulfil your taste. You will get an adequately optimized sound output when heard on low volume.

  • Earbuds are durable and sweatproof
  • 45 degree angled earbuds
  • Superior noise cancellation system
  • Two extra pair of earbuds to choose the best for you
  • Excellent mic quality
  • Earbuds quality is good, no problem for using a long time
  • 1.2-meter long cable
  • Cable quality needs to be improved.

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Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 300

Yes, Bluetooth headphones! There are also some Bluetooth headphones under 300. Don’t expect performance like JBL headphones, but if you need a headphone for casual use, like for listening songs, games, don’t need much performance and battery backup, then you can definitely go for this headphones.

11. N2B MAGNET-01 Bluetooth

Colour VariantsRed
Bluetooth Range10 Meters
Battery Backup2 – 3 Hours
Warranty1 Year
Price300 INR
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N2B MAGNET-01 Bluetooth - best Bluetooth earphones under 300

N2B magnet – 01 is a fantastic Bluetooth headset under 300 with a 1-year warranty. Its works on Bluetooth 4.1 technology. I personally purchased it to see the performance of a 300 rs Bluetooth headphone.

The sound clarity is too excellent, the bass is decent, not up to the mark. The company said that it has a Bluetooth range of 10m, that is correct.

  • Built-in Mic for calls
  • Up to 2 hours of battery life
  • 1 – 2 hours charging time
  • Awesome noise cancellation
  • Sweatproof
  • Best for workouts
  • Free USB cable for charging
  • Faster recharging time
  • Clear output sound
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • One year warranty
  • Low battery backup, but acceptable for this price.

JXL I7 Bluetooth Headset

Colour VariantsWhite
Bluetooth Range15 Meters
Battery Backup2 Hours
Warranty1 Year
Price300 INR
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JXL I7 Bluetooth Headset - best earphone under 300

Another good Bluetooth headset on this list is JXL I7. It is a single ear headphone. The quality of this headphone is extremely good. It is greatly optimized for more precise output sound with deep bass.

  • 15m Bluetooth range
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Remote control for receive/ end call and volume up/ down
  • up to 2 hours battery backup
  • 40Mins – 1 hour charging time
  • A Strong noise reduction system
  • Mic for calls and record voice
  • Sound is enough loud and clear
  • Low price only 300 rs
  • Free charging cable
  • Not recommended for gaming

Things need to keep in mind before purchasing a headphone


Headphone drivers - best earphones under 300

Drivers are the most critical parameter for headphones. The bigger drivers size will improve the output sound and bass quality. Mostly drivers sizes are ranges from 9mm – 16mm. 10mm drivers are enough for casual use. It will fulfil your needs.

If you need more and more acoustic, you can go for 12 – 16mm drivers earphones.


Sensitivity is another important factor for a headphone. Its decide the loudness of a headphone, standard sensitivity of a headphone is 100 dB/mW.


The energy required for the work of a headphone is called impedance of a headphone. 12 ohms – 16 ohms impedance is recommended.


There are two types of connector for a headphone, straight connector and L-shaped connector. L- shaped connectors are always recommended as they don’t protrude, so there is minimum chance of damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

🤔 Is under 300 rs earphones have manufacturer warranty?

Yes, most of the earphones on our list come with six months or 1-year manufacturer warranty.

🤔 Which are the some best brands for earphones?

Some top headphones brands are JBL, Sony, Sennheiser, Philips, Ubon, Zebronics.

Conclusion – best earphones under 300

We try to list all the best earphones under 300 available in the market if you missed any, you could comment us below, if this will meet our recommendations, we will definitely add it on our list.

If you still confused, which one will buy? Then you can go with the any of the from the top 3 earphones. Otherwise, you can go with any of the products; all products are listed are 100% value for money ones.

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